Quality and Safety Initiatives

YASUMA's manufacturing begins with investigations into food raw materials.
We work closely with farmers and suppliers in production regions all over the world, carefully selecting and procuring only food raw materials that meet Japan's strict standards. Imported food raw materials go through processes including inspection, sorting, crushing, sterilization, mixing, extraction, emulsification, and granulation, in which they are transformed into a variety of products. In the processing stages, products undergo thorough quality control, with only those that pass final inspection shipped.

  1. Local surveys
    of food raw

    Conducting careful local surveys is a part of YASUMA's commitment to safety and security. 

  2. Selection of
    food raw

    We carefully ascertain food raw material quality, which continually changes due to factors such as the weather in producing regions.

  3. Quality

    Before and after import, we perform thorough inspections for residual agricultural chemicals, mycotoxins, microorganisms, and other foreign matter.

  4. Import
  5. Quality
  6. Crushing

    We select processes and processing equipment that are optimal for the specific properties of spices and herbs.

  7. Sterilization

    We select which sterilization equipment to use based on the specific properties of the food raw materials and the level of microorganisms.

  8. Removal of
    foreign matter

    We remove all contaminants and foreign matter using the latest equipment and sometimes the human eye.
    Information on the removed foreign matter is fed back to producing regions for use in further quality improvement.

  9. Productization

    Whether for industrial and commercial use or retail sale, only products that pass strict inspections are shipped.

Research and Development

food Raw Material Development

We develop new food raw materials and production regions, primarily overseas.
We also pursue the functionality of spices and herbs.

Food Raw Material Development

Application Development

Through our development teams, we search for new food raw materials, develop processing technologies, develop products for restaurants and households, and communicate information and engage in educational outreach toward customers.

Application Development

Process Development

We develop processing methods for spices and herbs.

Process Development

Development of Analytical Methods

We develop analytical methods for residual agricultural chemicals, constituent ingredients, and so on.

Development of Analytical Methods